Member Bylaws

Members Defined (from bylaws)

Members of the Corporation shall consist of:
II.A.1     Four (4) representatives from each of the participating counties within the OWTP, INC boundaries to be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners of said participating counties.
II.A.2     Member(s)-at-large shall be nominated and approved by the Executive Committee and must be a member in good standing of the Ocmulgee Water Trail.


Membership Defined  (from bylaws)

The Corporation shall have Voting Members herein known as the BOARD OF DIRECTORS and shall have all the rights and privileges of Members of the Corporation. The BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall consist of:
II.B.1      The four appointed representatives from each participating county within the OWTP, INC boundaries whose membership dues are current and in good standing.
II.B.2      Members at large as elected per II.A.2
II.B.3      Term Limits and Removal as a BOARD OF DIRECTOR Member
The term of service shall be three (3) years for the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  A Board member may be removed only by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS upon:
II.B.3.i   failure to attend at least one-half (1/2) of all regular and special meetings of the corporation during any one calendar year, or
II.B.3.ii  receipt of a letter by the OWTP, INC President from a participating Board of County Commissioners or State Agency appointing a replacement representative or
II.B.3.iii a county fails to remain current on membership dues within the first quarter following billing.


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